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Structure of WILPF International

WILPF International has several governing bodies which have different functions and meet at different intervals.

WILPF structure

  • International Congress - the highest decision making body with representatives from all sections, adopts the next International Program [link].
  • International Board (IB) - composed of the Executive Committee, one international board member and one alternate from each national section, and the conveners of its standing committees in an advisory, non-voting capacity.
  • Executive Committee (ExCom) - composed of the International President, four Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, and the Secretary General.
  • WILPF International offices - an office in New York and an international secretariat in Geneva, run by the Secretary General.


See more information at the WILPF International website.

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 "There is no way to peace; peace is the way."  
Edith Greene Balch, founding member of WILPF and Nobel Peace Prize winner, 1946.