WILPF Australia remains deeply concerned about the secrecy of Australian based military equipment producing companies which could  be continuing to supply weapons or dual use components being used in Gaza.where 33000 civilians have been killed in the last six months.

While the Australian Defence Minister has declared no weapons have been provided to the Israel Defence Force for “many many  years “ there remain disturbing indications that some companies may not be notifying the Minister  of the nature  and destination of their exports.

On the Elbit Systems Ltd. website there is a statement dated 25 March 2024:

“Elbit Systems Awarded Approximately $300 million Contract to Supply Defence Solutions for an International Customer.”

The information cites Haifa, Israel with three local company contacts and indicates the contract will be performed over a period of ten years .

Clearly this appears to contradict the Minister’s understanding of Elbit Systems involvement in the provision of “defence solutions” that could be used in Gaza.

Furthermore there is already national concern about the recent Australian Defence Force contract awarded to Elbit Systems for $900 million also in March 2024.

WILPF has contacted the Minister’s Geelong office to seek a detailed explanation of these apparent inconsistencies and will publish the outcome as soon as there is a response.

Further Contact:
Margaret Reynolds
WILPF Australia
Ph: 0418 181 843