Core Action Area 1

Working Towards Disarmament and Challenging Militarism

WILPF Australia rejects the idea that security is synonymous with military strength

In the current environment, both globally and in Australia, maintaining security is increasingly presented as requiring a militarised response.

WILPF uses feminist analysis to argue that militarisation is a counter-productive and ill-conceived response to establishing security in our country or the world.

  • The more society becomes militarised, the more violence is likely to grow locally and worldwide.
  • Militarisation is a threat to our environment, intensifying the risks of climate change.

What is Australia’s Role in Increasing Militarisation Today?

In 2018 the Australian Government launched a policy to establish Australia as a leading armaments manufacturer and exporter by 2028.

Already, arms are being sold to countries with questionable involvement in violent conflicts, despite Government policy outlining that ethical principles be observed in such sales.
But this isn’t the only reason WILPF Australia is against the sale of armaments.

We’re against the whole concept, in principle, of Australia being an arms manufacturer and exporter.

Meanwhile, international armament corporations are operating in Australia sponsoring activities in educational and public arenas (such as the War Memorial in Canberra) and further normalising production and sale of armaments and militarisation.

In fact, an international armament corporation is one of the key sponsors of the War Memorial in Canberra.

We need to address this and move the money from war to peace.

WILPF Australia calls for more money to be spent on the real security issues. We work towards freedom from poverty, hunger, homelessness, ill health, violence, discrimination, inequality, climate change and much more.

WILPF Australia’s Campaign Areas for Working Towards Disarmament and Challenging Militarism

Use feminist analysis to articulate and challenge the impacts of militarism on social, economic and sustainable development, the environment and the advancement of peace and security for Australia and globally.

Use feminist analysis to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on peace and security for Australia and the globally and its intersection with militarism.

Expose the reach of armament industry involvement in education, research and other sectors of public life, enabling Australians to understand the extent and scope of armaments production and militarism in Australia, as well as the social, political and environmental consequences.

Campaign within the Australian community to raise awareness of the dangers posed by nuclear weapons, including supporting the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) to lobby the Australian government to sign and ratify the UN Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons.

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