Connect with the WILPF peace movement

Join other women in Australia
and around the world who are
passionate about
sustainable peace.

What’s the peace issue
you are passionate about?

Make a difference.


Connect with the WILPF peace movement

Join other women in Australia
and around the world who are passionate about sustainable peace.

What’s the peace issue you are passionate about?

Make a difference.


Connect with the WILPF peace movement

Join other women in Australia and around the world who are passionate about sustainable  peace.

What’s the peace issue you are passionate about?

Make a difference.

We work with a feminist lens to achieve
sustainable peace

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Australia (WILPF) is a feminist peace-building organisation of volunteer activists, anti-war, non-profit, and non-aligned.

WILPF brings women together to oppose conflict, violence and global militarisation, and provides a unique space where peace activists across Australia and internationally can link together.

WILPF amplifies the voices of women on conflict and peacebuilding

WILPF envisions a world:

  • free from violence and armed conflict
  • in which human rights are protected and
  • women and men are equally empowered at the local, national and international levels.

Members Speak

Through the wonderful world of WILPF I’ve done things I would have never thought possible as a small-town kid from country Australia. I’ve been an intern at PeaceWomen in New York, was a delegate at the Commission on the Status of Women and spoke on gender and small arms at the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Working alongside WILPF women has informed who I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Sharna de Lacy, YWILPF

I love that WILPF is run by women, inviting each of us to find our voice and know we will be heard.

Maureen Arnott, WILPF South Australia

I’ve always been inspired by the wonderful action of women from across the world bravely working to meet together to speak out for peace. I am honoured to be a member of WILPF.

Claire Moore, former Senator for Queensland

What Can One Woman Do to Bring About a Sustainable Global Peace?


Women of Australia share their perspectives on taking a personal stand against war, militarisation, and threats to global peace.

I believe WILPF plays a role in thought leadership in the feminist sector.

I respect the long history and collective bravery of WILPF, and also the sophistication of the policy positions. Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom always has solutions, a manifesto to ponder.

Professor Susan Harris Rimmer, Director of the Griffith University Policy Innovation Hub, Queensland

Margaret Reynolds, WILPF Australia President

A Message From the President

I am honoured to recently have become WILPF Australia’s President.

I first joined WILPF in 1984 and have maintained much admiration for its work locally and internationally.

The vision of WILPF for a world  free from violence and armed conflict  is even more important than ever in these uncertain pandemic times.

 In Australia we see more focus on militarisation and less on human rights so the role of WILPF is essential in advocating for the more vulnerable in our own communities and beyond.

Leadership of likeminded women  in working for peace building is so important and we can all play a part in our own communities and advocate for conflict resolution policies to be valued by our national parliament ,which in turn can influence other nations.

I look forward to working with you.

In peace


Margaret Reynolds
President WILPF Australia

WILPF’s strength lies in our ability to link the international level with the local level. And the local level is you.

Choose your campaign

What is a feminist lens and what does it contribute?

WILPF works with a feminist lens to change unequal power structures to achieve genuine equality and the possibility of sustainable peace, ie a feminist peace.

Feminism asserts that women matter, that equality matters, and that gender is a construct: the product of unequal power structures. This is our anchor point.

Bringing a feminist lens to issues such as peace and security enables us to expose the inherent inequities in the differing impacts of social, economic and environmental consequences on women and men.

Without such a lens or perspective, such inequities and impacts would largely continue to remain hidden and/or ignored.

Why join WILPF?

Become part of a group of women here and around the world who share your belief that a fairer, more equitable, more inclusive world is possible. And who are willing to work to have that happen. A world that is working for peace in its true sense.

Know you are not alone.

What could this world possibly look like? Unequal power structures are changed, patriarchy is abolished, and a genuine equality supports the possibility of a permanent world peace free from violence and armed conflict.

Peace is possible.

What is the shared goal for WILPF members?

To be part of the solution for peace.

Should I join WILPF when I don’t have much time, but I do want to support WILPF’s work?

For many women, in a life full of commitments, there is a desire to do something and to be heard when it comes to the big issues of injustices and the impacts of war and conflict.

Often our other commitments can mean that we simply cannot be active or contribute in the way we’d like. Yet it can be really important to stay connected to our vision and to the beliefs we hold strong.

Becoming a member does not mean you need to be active within the volunteer organisation itself. You can choose your own timing, level of activity or approach.

Your membership fee in itself helps to fund WILPF’s important work internationally. Know that in this way you ARE making a difference for peace and equality in the world.

Whatever your level of support or involvement, you will be a full, valued WILPF woman.

How can I stay informed about peace issues?

The links and contacts within WILPF Australia and internationally can help keep you informed and connected. There are approximately 50 other countries that have a WILPF Section, and each has their own websites, so there are lots of discussion points there.

The discussions you have with your friends can be a valuable way to explore peace issues.

For Australian members, there are also an increasing number of online webinars, forums, and meetings so you can keep up to date with other members and discussions around projects and campaigns.

For example:

  • We recently had Stella Miria-Robinson (Founding President of the Pacific Islands Council of Queensland) speaking online on the topic of Women, Peace and Security in the Pacific. Her presentation powerfully foregrounded the intersection of so many issues including that of human rights as a fundamental issue for women, the reality of Pacific nations preparing to go homeless due to climate change and other issues; the role of violence, and the need for the Australian government to understand and work appropriately with culture. 
  • A 3-webinar series discussed how Australia has advanced the WPS agenda, and  focused particularly on gender equality, human security, sustainable development and working with civil society. 
What can individual members volunteer?

Your ideas, knowledge, enthusiasm, support, willingness to learn.

Your voice.

Perhaps some of your time or expertise in a particular area.

What other opportunities for activist connections are there?

Start with other members. There are lifetimes of experience here, and the tacit knowledge that grows from that.

WILPF provides a unique space where activists across Australia can link together. Our methods of work include many different approaches including activism and organising nonviolent activism around the world from campaigns to protests, from peace art to political rallies. Our alliance-building approach works to create bridges and form alliances with communities, organisations and movements.

There is a wealth of links and resources here on this site, and many more on the international site, as well as on the WILPF international program web sites Reaching Critical Will and PeaceWomen

What’s the connection between WILPF and the United Nations?

WILPF played a significant role in establishing the Women, Peace, and Security agenda, adopted by the United Nations Security Council in 2000.

WILPF is a highly credible organisation of women peace activists, holding consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), a status that gives us access to all of the UN bodies that are open to NGOs, including the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.

Not a member yet?

WILPF: Who are we?


WILPF was founded in 1915 and has sections and groups in close to 50 countries, many in conflict countries. We are a small, but powerful organisation. Two of our members have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their anti-war work. Our network of allies is huge and we are recognised for our feminist and holistic analysis of the root causes of war and conflict.
Read more about us.

Are you 35 or under?

Your dedicated space: the Young WILPF Network.

The Y stands for Young:

The next hundred years of feminist peace activism.

The Young WILPF Network is a globally connected network of young women, working from all regions of WILPF; disparate in geographic location, but sharing the common goals of gender equality, peace and disarmament.

Any paid WILPF member aged 35 and below can join the Young WILPF Network.

A network of peace women, passionate about lasting peace and women's role in achieving it. Since 1915.

WILPF holds consultative status to the United Nations.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and community.
We pay our respects to those past, present and future.