Many Australian women will be alarmed to read that the Federal Government is quietly preparing to increase our nations dependence on the international arms industry and directing even more taxpayers dollars into secret deals to build up the Defence Departments war fighting capability. You can read more about this issue in Michelle Fahy’s recent article on Undue Influence.

But we are not at war nor do Australians want to fight another overseas war!

Who is leading this risky strategy to invest scarce dollars into weapons when our nation needs basic health, housing, and education expenditure?

The Defence Minister, Richard Marles, must put a stop to this military adventurism which is damaging the Albanese government.

The Defence Strategic Review consultation process closes on Friday, April 21. You can read and endorse WILPF’s submission here.

Contact Richard Marles and let him know what you think:

Richard Marles MP

✉️ PO BOX 4160, Geelong, VIC, 3220

📱(03) 5221 3033