The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Australia is releasing a research report on the increasing trend towards militarisation in Australia from 2010-2020.  The report is the result of growing concern that this trend is being accepted as normal by the Australian public.

This acceptance is partly supported by the Australian Defence Force (ADF)‘s active and aggressive marketing.  In 2017-18 Defence spending on advertising and marketing peaked at $76.4m, making it the highest single government department advertising budget in that year, exclusive of promotional events.

The report, based on open-source information, concentrates on:

  • the 50 percent increase in annual military expenditure (from $30b to $45b);
  • increasing military-industry links with Australia becoming one of the four largest importers of Defence equipment;
  • the government policy released in 2018 to make Australia one of the world’s top ten weapons manufacturers and exporters;
  • funding by weapons manufacturers of university research institutions and policy think tanks;
  • and the growing use of ADF personnel in response to domestic crises such as floods, fires and now COVID.

WILPF has worked for over 100 years for universal disarmament and to build peace.  It brings together women to oppose conflict, violence and global militarisation and to build a global sustainable peace.  It works to highlight the multi-layered processes, linkages and underlying roots which underpin the legitimacy, and normalization of militarisation.

Read the research report Militarisation in Australia: Normalisation and Mythology.

WILPF Media Release.
For immediate release.
18 May 2021