WILPF Australia is determined to continue its strong advocacy for diplomacy and peace building in a new year when militarism and war continues to attract  news headlines .

Yet behind the scenes many Australians are troubled by recent announcements that our nation maintains its dependence on old allies, America and Britain, countries which have such a long history of reliance on warfare that has devastated the lives of so many people around the world.

Australia can be so much more independent in managing foreign policy and international relations and WILPF trusts the leadership of Foreign Minister Penny Wong.

However, the powerful voices of militarism continue to drown more rational debate as they perpetuate the ‘drums of war’ rhetoric.

Australia’s security does not depend on billions of dollar military investment which is tied to priorities of allies with their own political agendas.

We need strategic investment in building our independence and reputation as a middle power nation that wants to contribute to peace keeping and building cooperation between nations

WILPF members will meet nationally this weekend to plan ahead to advocate for fresh ways of resolving conflict.

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Meanwhile, our President Margaret Reynolds has said that her recent Australian honours award for activism in the Australian community over many years was a very welcome signal to all those many Australians working for change:

My activism started in the peace movement when I opposed  conscription and the Vietnam War and now, over fifty years later, I find it is still essential that we organise to present alternative choices for Australia’s future security and community well being.

Congratulations to Margaret for her well deserved recognition.