The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Australia (WILPF) has called on the Federal Government to show unequivocal support for international law as this weekend’s vote at the United Nations General Assembly approaches.

The catastrophic loss of life and continued violence against innocent civilians in the Middle East is so devastating that the United Nations is convening an Emergency Special Session to debate the urgent need for a ceasefire and unrestricted humanitarian corridors for delivery of food, water, and medical supplies.

The President of the UN General Assembly, Mr Dennis Francis, opened the debate reminding all nations their pre-eminent priority must be to protect and save civilians.

To date there has been no announcement about how Australia will respond, but millions of Australians would expect the Albanese Government to put the protection of human life ahead of political alliances.

Now is not the time to argue from the perspectives of either side in this conflict. War crimes have been committed and it is time for the international community to demand an end to this conflict. And Australia must be a strong and independent voice in that debate.

Margaret Reynolds
National President 
WILPF Australia

Phone: 0418 181 843