Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) welcomes the great increase in women’s representation in the Australian Parliament. With a few seats still in doubt, it is projected that the House of Representatives will have 37% women, and the Senate 58%. The new ALP Government is set to see women outnumber men for the first time in its history, with 53% women.

WILPF Australia welcomes all newly elected women parliamentarians and hopes they will bring a fresh climate of civil debate to the parliament, which has for so long been a place of testosterone fuelled aggression and division.

WILPF will be inviting all women parliamentarians to join Australia’s oldest peace organisation to show their commitment to creating a more harmonious parliament and working constructively on policies that face up to local, national and international challenges.

In particular, it is encouraging to see that Senator Penny Wong, as Minister for Foreign Affairs, will lead a greater focus on diplomacy and strategic negotiation in international relations. Australia voted for change, not only in leadership and policy, but for a transformation in how the national parliament conducts its business in the best interests of the people it serves.

WILPF looks forward to working with all parliamentarians, many of whom share the same immediate priorities as we are working towards:

  • Full support for Uluru Statement from the Heart recommendations, including urgency of a referendum.
  • A new model for Australia’s security – what are the real and urgent threats to communities and how can they be best addressed?
  • How we are endangering millions of other peoples’ security by failing to take responsible action on climate change and adding to the threats emerging for women in many parts of the world.
  • Re-thinking how we use “freedom”, in light of how this is bandied about by some candidates and more extremist groups during the recent election campaign.

For context or comment contact:
Margaret Reynolds
WILPF Australia
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