WILPF Australia Triennial Conference
22 & 23 May 2021
Online or in person – for All Members

YES! All current members of WILPF Australia and YWILPF Australia are invited to book for the WILPF Australia Triennial Conference to be held on Saturday and Sunday 22 and 23 May 2021.

This is a brilliant opportunity to connect and network with activists and supporters from around the country. And to participate in actively contributing to discussions and planning about where the WILPF Australian Section should head for the next three years.

How to attend

This year’s Triennial Conference will be a HYBRID conference – a combination of online (virtual) and/or face-to-face participation. For those able, there are options for branches or groups of members to meet in person in local hubs – or to choose individual participation from your own homes.

This means that no matter where in the country you are, it’ll be easy to join in. We hope you will ALL join in this brilliant opportunity.

To assist, the conference registration has been kept to the very modest amount of $35 per member, with a $30 concession rate.

Note, even if you are not familiar with online gatherings, it will be easy to join the event. Plus there will be a short training session available for those who register and haven’t attended an online event like this, or would like to learn how to use zoom or brush up on this.


What the Triennial Conference is

The WILPF Australia Triennial Conference takes place every three years. The Triennial reviews the past three years’ achievements and plans the next WILPF Australia triennial program. It also reviews Reports and elects the Australian Board.

As the Triennial Conference is the highest decision-making body of the WILPF Australian Section, you will find it is a mix of “WILPF business” (constitution, resolutions, election of a new National Board) designed to progress the organisation, plus sessions for collective planning – and great opportunities for building on WILPF‘s key goals including challenging militarism. (Click these links to learn more about WILPF as an organisation and WILPF’s key action/campaign areas.)

All financial members of the Australian Section are eligible and invited to attend and contribute. The formal voting components of the meeting vested with those delegates who nominated by each Branch, and the Officers of the Australian Board.

To all WILPF and YWILPF members – do register and be a part of this.

Would you like to join or rejoin WILPF (or YWILPF)?

WILPF Australia is a grassroots membership-driven organisation. We are anti-war, non-profit and non-aligned. We rely fully on the support of individuals to carry out our important work.

Attendance at the decision-making WILPF Australia Triennial Conference is for current financial members of WILPF Australia and YWILPF Australia.

To check if you are a current financial member of WILPF Australia – eg if you don’t recall – email the WILPF Australia Treasurer Janette McLeod to ask (treasurer@wilpf.org.au.)

If you are ready to join WILPF – or renew your WILPF Australia membership after a lapse, simply head to the JOIN WILPF page on this website. And see you at the Triennial if you would like to attend to connect with community and the work of WILPF.

For those 35 and under, you are eligible to become a member of both WILPF Australia and YWILPF (Young WILPF) – a thriving activist community – at a special membership rate! Join YWILPF Australia here!

For other information, contact Chris on communications@wilpf.org.au.

Book for the Triennial at https://events.humanitix.com/wilpf-australia-triennial