Prospects for Peace for Korea. WILPF Australia webinar, 55 minutes, abridged

This year, 2023—the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice—the Korean Peninsula continues to face the threat of war.

With the tenuous ceasefire still the only formal mechanism in place to prevent armed conflict, tensions are again rising.

Recognising the dire need for greater understanding and a more balanced approach, this WILPF Australia webinar examines:

  • the history of the Korean War and its legacy over the past 70 years
  • current tensions and challenges.
  • WILPF’s perspective on the issues and prospects for peace.

The webinar concludes with recommendations guided by WILPF’s vision of a world of feminist, permanent peace; and actions that can be taken by each of us as individuals, and by the Australian Government.

Note: we do not present ourselves as experts. We are learners. Our research has revealed the great complexity of this situation – and the wide divergence in facts and interpretation.

As a result, we have had to make some difficult choices. We have done our best to choose what is relevant, from our point of view. It may well be that we have overlooked or had to edit out some important details.

Webinar project team:

WILPF Australia members Christine Henderson, Valerie Joy, Trish Dwyer, Barbara O’Dwyer, Therese McCabe and Taisoo Kim Watson.

Acknowledgments and further readings:

WILPF member advisors:

  • Kozue Akiyabayashi, former WILPF International President, member Women Cross DMZ
  • Youkyoung Ko, Advisor to the Women Led Korea Peace Now! Campaign and WILPF
  • Taisoo Kim Watson, WILPF Queensland