The WILPF Australia “Cities and Towns” campaign is on the trail around regional Queensland to help make all our communities safe from the danger of nuclear weapons.

WILPF Qld members Delene Cuddihy and Valerie Joy have created a full itinerary taking the message to Townsville, Hughendon, Mt Isa, Winton and Longreach.

The two women have been successful in gaining personal meetings with CEOs or Mayors of a number of key regional towns – including Mt Isa where they have now arrived.

Next step is to have councils sign the Appeal – and to help move Australia towards signing the United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

These WILPF women are in action and living their passion as so many WILPF foremothers have done over the last 105 years.

Great work Delene and Valerie! We can’t wait to hear about the next steps.

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